Massage Gun Review

Massage guns can be very beneficial for people of all ages and all activity levels.

A common misconception is that to use and benefit from a massage gun you have to be sore. Another misconception is that they are expensive and unaffordable for home use. That is simply not true.

We’ve rounded up a few different massage guns our coaches use, what they like about them, what they would change if they could, as well as the price-point and a link to purchase. Enjoy!


Reviewed by Jordan Ainsworth

Pros: It saves time when the athlete is in a rush and can’t complete his/her soft tissue protocols. 

Cons: I would like it to be quieter.

Benefits: Everyone could benefit from it, but it is best used with a partner.

You can purchase the TimTam Power Massager here ($249.99).

Hypervolt Massage Gun

REVIEWED BY Kyle kleeman

Pros: I like that there’s 20 different levels of vibration. The higher the # the more vibration there is. Can easily adjust to it and start out low and go up from there. 

Cons: One thing that I wish they had is some type of attachment to hook into something. It is very hard to use it on your posterior. Usually need someone else to get scaps, back, hammys etc. 

Benefits: I like that they have different massage attachments for the gun. You can use different ones for different muscle groups. My favorite one is a little knob hook that replicates a finger so you can scrape the muscle. I also like the price, most massage guns are $200-$400. This one is $150 and the exact same as the others.

Another note from Kyle about massage guns: Massage guns if used correctly can help out muscle stiffness / soreness, but also help blood flow to those areas where used. I recommend it for all people, especially the older population, so they don’t have any restricted areas.

If you want to purchase a hypervolt massage gun, message Kyle on Instagram at @kyle_klee for a half-off discount!

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