Traveling 101: Healthier Choices

(Rachel Poppe)

One of my biggest struggles while traveling is finding healthy snacks to take on the plane or in the car with me. I ALWAYS want to grab Gardetto’s or an equally salty + crunchy snack to munch on while I’m mindlessly watching a movie or scrolling through social media to pass the time.

More often than not, I arrive at my destination bloated with swollen ankles and just not feeling like my best self. Anyone else? Only me?

Other times, my sweet tooth will dominate my cravings and I go for the Gushers or Sour Patch Kids options. Luckily, my husband will usually eat most of the SPK, but those candies are like 100% sugar.

Spoiler alert: we can get our crunchy, salty snack fix without the unwanted side effects. And we can get our sweet tooth fix without allllll of that sugar in our bodies.

Swap this for that:

Swap Gardetto’s/Cheez-Its for

  1. Rice cakes with almond butter (I love this brand and this brand)
  2. Unsalted almonds/walnuts/cashews
  3. Light popcorn (minimal amounts of butter + salt)

Swap Gushers/Sugary fruit gummies for

  1. Dried fruits (sugary, but natural sugar, so still limit the amount you consume)
  2. Raw vegetables or fruit (carrots, snap peas, apple slices, grapes)
  3. Chocolate protein bars (look for minimal ingredients)

Instead of ordering soda on the plane, order a ginger ale AND a water — carry a refillable water bottle with you EVERYWHERE. Fill it up at an airport water fountain after you go through security and keep it with you throughout your travels. It’s a great way to keep track of how much water you’re drinking & you’re less likely to get dehydrated. If you’re in a foreign country where the water is suspicious, buy bottled water and fill up your refillable bottle to make carrying it around easier. (pro tip: bring along a carabiner to easily attach to your backpack or purse)

I love traveling the world and I’m a huge proponent for enjoying the culture you’re in. And that means food. So, if you’re in Italy — eat the pizza and drink the wine! If you’re in Germany — eat the sausage and drink the beer! If you’re in the South U.S. — eat all the cornbread and Tex-Mex and have that margarita! Traveling is about enjoying — you can eat the food and still stick to your health goals.

My guidelines to stay on track while traveling:

  1. Drink lots of water
  2. Keep snacks light and healthy & breakfast packed with protein
  3. Do something active every day (whether it’s walking around while sight-seeing or doing a quick workout from one of our E3 Travel Workout programs)
  4. Enjoy the local food for lunch and dinners & take lots of pictures!


More tips on how to stay active while traveling from Chelsea

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