Traveling 101: Staying Active

(Chelsea Bellinger)

Do you enjoy staying active while traveling?

One of my favorite things about traveling is immersing myself wherever I go. Yes, sometimes it’s fun to be a tourist and scope out the “must-sees” in an area but truly seeing how a community thrives, local restaurants and businesses operate and how the individuals interact is so amazing to me.

I started traveling with my family at a very young age and when I was old enough to start packing my own luggage my dad gave me one rule: Always pack something to workout in. Before leaving the house he always asked, “did you bring workout clothes?” Okay, so I know you may be wondering why in the world I would want to exercise while I am traveling or on vacation, but I am going to try to put things into perspective for you. Staying active is an important part of my life and always has been. Even when I am traveling, I like to stay active.

This could be a hike (like all the hiking and walking I did in Sedona and the Grand Canyon with my mom), riding bikes around the destination (like when I rode bikes across the Golden Gate bridge with my friends and had to climb a major hill), jogging around a new neighborhood (like when my boyfriend and I jogged around the neighborhood where we stayed in Paris). I really could list a bajillion more instances of staying active while traveling, but I will spare you.

Even for shorter trips, I will try to at least do a quick workout in my hotel room and scope out the hotel gym or a local gym nearby.

Research shows the positive impact that physical activity and exercise has on mood and energy levels.

Traveling takes energy, even the most relaxing vacations. Because of this, I always encourage people to get active in some way when they travel. Whether they are traveling for business or pleasure; take time to move every day. If you have 10 minutes to do a quick workout in your hotel room before you get ready for the day, do it. If you have some time to kill before that work meeting you are traveling for takes place, check out the hotel’s gym and get a 30-minute sweat session in.

I have a lot of family and friends who travel a lot as well; be it for work or pleasure. One thing I hear them say often is that they feel like they “fall off the wagon” when they travel. Whether it’s because they couldn’t find the time to work out, they didn’t know what they could do with no equipment or because they didn’t really know what they can do with the limited equipment in the hotel gym. We wanted to create a program that took the guesswork out of working out while traveling and helped individuals find the time to stay active while on the go.


More tips on how to make healthier choices while traveling from Rachel


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