Tips For Getting Back to an Active Lifestyle

We have all been here at some point. Whether you are are making small adjustments to your lifestyle to be more health conscious or we are making major changes to make big strides in our health and wellness.

Getting back into leading aN active lifestyle can seem like a daunting task, but we are going to give you some tips on how to step back into the journey no matter where you are starting off.

Know what works best for you

Getting back into an active lifestyle is sort of like getting into a cold pool. You know how great it is to be in that pool but just how cold is it going to be?! We have all seen different methods for approaching a cold pool. You have the cannon baller who just takes the plunge and feels the immediate rush of cold through their body but then keeps on swimming. You have the toe dipper + walk around. The one who dips their toe and walks around the pool testing the water until they find a warmer spot that they can enjoy. Then there is the stair taker. They take one step at a time into the pool to wade for a bit until they are fully ready to swim. Last but not least we have the side of the pool sitter. They sit on the side with their legs dangling into the water, getting used to the cold before they finally decide to fully immerse and enjoy a swim. All of these people have one thing in common; after they get into the pool (no matter how they get in there) they all respond: “it really isn’t that cold once you got in here.”
Do you know which one of these methods will work for you? If you get overwhelmed by plunging right in, don’t take the plunge; dip your toes, wade for a bit, or partially immerse until you realize it’s not as cold as you imagined.
Take all these methods and translate it into an active lifestyle. “I know it is great to live an active lifestyle but just how hard is it going to be?!

Make Getting active convenient

We love convenience, right? So why not make getting active convenient for you in your day. Prepare yourself. Have your workout clothes laid out if you want to wake up and get a workout out in before your day gets going.  Have your gym bag packed and in your trunk BEFORE you leave for your workday if you want to get a sweat sesh in after work. This can help eliminate the need to go back home after work where it easy get caught up in other things and put getting active on the back burner.

Accountability is Key

Whether it’s an alarm on your phone reminding you to move away from your desk for a bit or a workout partner who will not let you forget that challenging spin class you forgot to show up for. No matter how self-motivating we are, accountability and motivation from others can always help us. Find a community of like-minded people who are working towards living their healthiest and happiest lives. If you are in search for a community that can provide that for you, check us out here.

Do Something you enjoy

Being active does not have to mean spending 2 hours in the gym lifting heavy things. The key to leading an active lifestyle is doing activities that are sustainable. You won’t want to sustain an activity that you don’t find enjoyable (no one would). Find something you enjoy, something that challenges you and have at it. Whether it’s riding your bike, going for a jog, kickboxing, playing basketball or even if it is lifting heavy things; do what you enjoy! Here is our challenge to you: One time a week, spend 30 minutes doing a physical activity that you genuinely enjoy, Start there and build on that.

Forward is Forward, be patient

We are human (shocking, we know). Perfection sounds nice and all but it’s not a reality. Don’t beat yourself up over missing a day of activity and please don’t think that missing that day has completely thrown you off course. It hasn’t, we promise. Pick up and move forward. No matter the pace, forward is forward. There are going to be setbacks, know that. The real question is, how will you bounce back and not allow those setbacks to consume you?

Keep it Fresh

We all love novelty so keep novelty in your active lifestyle. Do something new that maybe you never guessed you would try. Routines are helpful but don’t allow your routine to take the fun out of being active. Get the rest of your family involved, the more you surround yourself with active people the more motivated you will be to stay active.

We know that getting back into a active lifestyle can feel overwhelming and you may be at odds with where to start. The best way to sum this all up is to say, JUST START. You don’t need you to go from sedentary to Boston Marathon runner overnight but you do need to take that one step and start back into this journey towards an active life.

Need some ideas for new workouts? Check out some of our programs here.

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