Workout Shoe Game

Are you wearing the correct shoe for your workout?

Wearing the wrong shoe for your workout could hinder the effectiveness of your workout and potentially lead to injury.  Athletic shoes can influence the alignment of your body during exercise so the improper footwear can truly have lasting effects. 

Different workouts require different movements. It is important to find an athletic shoe that fits well and supports the foot + ankle for the workout at hand. Comfort is key so make sure the size, width and shape of the shoe works for your feet. 

Sole/tread, heel rise, ankle support and shoe width are all things to consider when choosing your next pair of workout shoes. 

Outdoor Training (Non-running)

Outdoor training can involve a lot of different types of movements. Lateral and linear movement, jumping and a potentially uneven terrain – your shoe should be able to handle all of it. 

What to look for in a shoe:
Sole – The sole should be flat from heel to toe 
Tread – Medium tread that is visible from a side view of the shoe but not too deep! 
Ankle Support – A cut that hits at the ankle bone 

Check out these shoes that great for outdoor training

Indoor Circuit or Bootcamp 

An indoor boot camp or circuit training involves diverse movements. It is important to have a supportive shoe that will uphold all the different movements thrown your way during the workout 

What to look for in a shoe:
Sole – Flat from heel to toe 
Tread – minimum tread – you won’t need as much traction if you are inside 
Ankle Support – A cut that hits at the ankle bone 

Check out these shoes that are great for indoor circuit training 

Weight lifting 

Stability and well-fitting shoes are important when doing any heavy lifting. Do not wear running shoes when lifting because it can hinder your alignment and muscle recruitment for the lift. 

What to look for in a shoe:
Sole – Hard and non-compressible soles – no flimsy shoes! 
Tread – traction is important to keep your feet planted during the lift 
Fit – Make sure the shoe has good cushion for comfort 
Heel raise – a slightly raised heel will help with squat depth and other movements when lifting heavy 

Check out these shoes that are suitable for lifting


Choosing a running shoe can be complex for some. Getting your gait evaluated at a running store is recommended for those who have a hard time finding a comfortable running shoe 

What to look for in a shoe:
Fit – comfort, comfort, comfort…no one wants to go on a long run with uncomfortable feet. 
Cushion – a well-cushioned shoe is important to absorb the force from running 
Heel  Rise – The heel should be slightly higher than the toe to help with the forward motion of running 
Toe Box – There should be a finger width distance between your toes and the end of the sho to account for comfort of fit with foot swelling. 

Check out these great running shoes 

Next time you are in the market for new workout shoes, keep these guidelines in mind!

The proper shoe is a key part of helping you crush your workout! 

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