The Secret to Staying Motivated

Many fitness professionals get asked the same question – “How do you stay motivated all the time?” 

The short answer- we don’t. May seem harsh, but it’s true.
Now, the long answer…

Motivation is defined as the general desire or willingness of someone to do something.

There are two words that stand out in this definition – desire and willingness. While these are powerful words, they don’t indicate action. In reality, anyone can be motivated. A simple scroll through social media can motivate you to eat cleaner, work out more, try a new skin care routine…the list can go on. Does that mean you will start hitting the gym first thing in the morning, throw out all the junk food and book a facial all in the same day? Not really. 

Motivation is a great starting point but it is fleeting. It is hard to depend on motivation to reach your goals. You have the desire but where is the action? What happens on those days when the motivation in scarce or, better yet, the motivation wears off?

 When the motivation wears off there has to be something there to keep the spark going. This is where dedication comes into play.

Dedication is defined as the quality of being devoted or committed to a task or purpose. 

Dedication goes beyond desire. Commitment is the follow through of desire with behavior and action. Dedication is not a cake walk. It includes sacrifice, stepping out of your comfort zone, taking risks, facing failure and diving deep into the unknown for the sake of your goals. 

Imagine dedication as the wiser, older sibling of motivation. Motivation has good intentions but it can certainly be naive. Motivation sees the end goal, not the path to the end.  Dedication can be fueled by motivation and they make one heck of a duo. Surround yourself with motivation but understand that you still have to dedicate yourself to the goal at hand. 

Here are some ways to keep motivation high and dedicate yourself to your goals:

Choose to Commit 

Commit to the work it will take. This is huge. If you are not willing to commit, your desire is only a wish. 

Find Your Why 

Sure, the superficial reasons for wanting something are fine. But when the going gets tough, those superficial things don’t seem as motivating. There is a deeper reason behind everything we do. Why are you working out? Is it just to look good in that new swimsuit? Or is it to have more energy to keep up with your kiddos and prepare your body for a long and healthy life?
Define your why.

Find accountability

Willpower isn’t always enough. A conscious effort to maintain motivation and dedication is often needed. Accountability is a great way to keep yourself on track. 

  • Keep a personal journal with all your goals, actions and, of course, your progress. This is great to look back on when you need to remind yourself of your why.
  • Talk about your goals with people you trust. A supportive group can do wonders with holding you accountable. 
  • Find a community of like-minded people. When motivation is low or you hit a rough patch, have people around to help you through the journey. E3 has an amazing online community that we would love you to be a part of. 
Be patient with yourself 

Dedicating yourself to something also requires a level of vulnerability. Don’t beat yourself up if you have a set back. Setbacks are just tests of dedication. Accept the setback and then take that first step back toward your goal. Remember, those small steps add up.
Forward is forward. 

With the New Year just around the corner, it is easy to get caught up in motivation. Take in all the motivation you need but don’t forget to follow through with dedication. 

Here’s to turning dreams to goals and goals to reality

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