E3 Spotlight: Jason Jackson

This week we got to speak with E3 member, Jason Jackson on his experience with us so far. Jackson began training with us in mid-June of 2019, after he and Josh Graber, our Director of Business Operations,  reconnected after many years, and was invited to join the morning group at DST West. 

“Exercising has always been something I enjoyed, but it was not so easy to stay motivated when doing it on your own. I was drawn by the opportunity to work out with others and have that accountability to go along with the encouragement you get from a group,” Jackson said when asked about why he joined the group. With the morning group, Jackson trains five days a week (sometimes four depending on the program) at around 5:30 a.m. 

We asked what his original goal was coming into training with us, to which he answered: “Early on, my goal was simply to be in the gym consistently and drop some weight. The body composition change actually began to happen relatively quickly, and it was both exciting and motivating. Over time, my goals shifted to gaining lean muscle, burning fat, and having an overall healthy lifestyle so I could remain active for years to come. The early goals were achieved but it’s probably because they were vague. I am on my way to new goals, but they are constantly being modified as I see results. I am already in far better shape than I expected to be and able to do lifts I never would have dreamed possible at my age. It just takes effort and commitment, and I know it would not have happened without Josh and the morning group.”

Jackson has expressed his satisfaction with the program many times, adding that he really appreciated how earlier in the pandemic, E3 conducted a virtual program that kept everyone on a schedule and in shape during the pandemic. “That is a testament to their creativity and dedication to sharing their love of fitness with anyone willing to try,” Jackson stated, “My absolute favorite part is the people and the fun we have. The staff has such depth of knowledge to create these workouts that are outside the box and often very different than anything I have ever done before. There is also constant encouragement from our group that goes with the appropriate amount of pushing/challenging each other to add a 5 or do 1 more rep. Without them, I would not have undertaken some of the exercises and definitely not attempted weight of the magnitude that I have. It is a favorite part of my day, and I do not want to miss a single day.”

To check out some video footage of Jason Jackson, visit our E3 Instagram!

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