Spark Your Motivation

Summer is making its way out but it doesn’t have to take your motivation with it.  For many, it is hard to stay consistent with fitness goals during the summer months. Family trips, weekends at the beach and inconsistent routines can make it challenging for even the most motivated gym-goers. 

The fourth quarter of the year is similar to the fourth quarter of a football game…a lot can change. 

We have 4 things you can do to maintain or renew your motivation for the remainder of the year.

Revisit your goals 

Yes, you’ve probably written down your goals at some point this year. It may be on a sticky note currently lost in the abyss of your home office or in a note on your phone you haven’t opened in quite some time.  When it comes to motivation and achieving goals, our mind plays a major role. Taking time to revisit your fitness and health goals is the first step to getting back on track. There are two things you need to write down (on something you can keep track of).

  1. Goals
  2. Intentions 

A goal is focused on the future. It’s a specific outcome or destination you want to achieve.
Example: Go down two pant sizes 

Intentions are focused on present moments. They are independent of your goal but can help you in achieving your goal. They are daily wins you set for yourself. 
Example:  Taking 45 minutes each day to focus on physical health  

It is helpful to always have your overall goal in mind but intentions are important for helping you find moments of growth in each day. Having intentions that support your overall goal can help you enjoy the moments in the journey to the destination. 

Create a competition

Whether you have a competitive nature or not, a friendly competition can rekindle that motivation flame. Start a competition in the workplace, with your friends or even within your family. Having others involved in the journey creates accountability. Let’s be real, you know you don’t want to be the one who “quits” in the office fitness competition. You can make teams or go head-to-head. Whatever you do, make it fun! Create a reward to work towards and you are sure to have some buy-in.
Need some ideas? Check these out. 

Put someone in charge of your workouts

Getting back into the groove can be tough!  This is where trainers or trainer-led classes can come in handy. Even if you have experience with working out and know how to compile your own workouts, trainers can help hold you accountable and find new ways to push you. Looking for a trainer or classes? We’ve got you covered.  Are trainers or classes outside your budget? No worries! You can ask a reliable friend to keep track of your missed sweat sessions. Maybe you have to send them a post-workout selfie each day. For every missed sweat sesh you have to Venmo them $5. If you are on a tight budget, that will motivate you to stay on track. 

Bet on yourself

Now that we are on the topic of money (major incentive in society)…why not put your money where your motivation is? Take a gamble on yourself and your health/fitness. Fitness accountability apps like Healthywage and Dietbet allow participants to set a fitness goal or enter a fitness challenge with a wager attached. If you meet your goal or win the challenge, you will win your money back and then some. A healthier you and some extra cash? Sounds like a win-win situation to me. If the challenge is lost or the goal is not met, you have to pay the price (literally). These apps are securely connected to your bank account so staying in bed for an extra 20 min and skipping your workout may look a little less tempting now.

Yes, there are some simple ways to get your motivation back and some more drastic measures you can take. Nonetheless, we all need a little kick in the butt sometimes to get motivated again. 

So go ahead — set your alarm, get your mind right, and get ready to crush your fitness goals in the fourth quarter.

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