Spark Your Motivation

Summer is making its way out but it doesn’t have to take your motivation with it. For many, it is hard to stay consistent with fitness goals during the summer months. Family trips, weekends at the beach and inconsistent routines can make it challenging for even the most motivated gym-goers.

Developing an Effective Reward System

Do you remember being in grade school when the teacher had a ticket system in place? Do you recall that after you had collected so many tickets you could then trade them in for some rinky-dink toy from the treasure box? This is an example of a reward system and this idea has been used as a form of motivation ever since we were kids.

Think Fit Challenge

Think what challenge? Think FIT!   >> SIGN UP FOR FREE HERE <<   Director of E3 Chelsea Bellinger is offering a FREE 5-day online challenge for those who want to learn how to live a healthier lifestyle, and make sure it's actually sustainable. Don't worry, this isn't a "quick fix" challenge and we don't … Continue reading Think Fit Challenge