Resolution: Eat Healthier

Simple resolutions can be hard to keep. Sometimes they get lost in the shuffle and by time mid-year hits, those resolutions are forgotten. We are here to help you keep those simple resolutions with easy tips.

This post is all about eating healthier. (if you need some tips on getting more active or drinking more water, we’ve got you covered) 

Cut out sugary drinks

On average, Americans consume 400 cal per day just from sugary beverages. Although soda is usually framed as the culprit, fruit-flavored drinks, specialty coffee drinks, sports drinks and energy drinks play a major role. The issue with this number is those 400 calories aren’t giving you much nutritional value. These beverages also “fill us up” as we drink but our hunger won’t necessarily be satisfied. These are referred to as empty calories, as they add to our caloric intake without brining much benefit to hunger satisfaction.

Do a fridge and Pantry clean out

This takes the out of sight, out of mind approach. Not only should you do a clean but you should also restock the fridge and pantry with nutritious foods and snacks . This will help ensure that you always have healthy options to choose from. Doing this clean out an restock will also get the rest of the household involved in this healthy eating change. This makes it easier to make this an entire lifestyle change. 

Shop the perimeter

The setup of a grocery store is down to a science (literally). The perimeter of the store will have all produce, meats, dairy, whole foods while the aisles contain the processed foods. When making the switch to healthy eating, focus on shopping the perimeter of the store. Only enter the aisle to pick up legumes, grains, beans, seasonings  and minimally processed foods. If you focus on the perimeter you will notice how the makeup of the content of your cart will change. Aimlessly walking through the aisles is a sure fire way to pick up unnecessary processed foods.

Pay more attention to nutrients, not calories

If you typically pay attention to the calories you eat, switch your focus to nutrients. There are a lot of diet foods that contain a low amount of calories and don’t provide much nutritional value. Focus more on nutrient dense foods. If you focus on making sure you’re getting proper nutrients, the proper caloric intake will follow suit without having to put all your effort into it.

When it comes to eating healthy just take the first step, whatever that may be for you. Those small steps add up, especially over the course of a year.

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