Total Body Dumbbell Workout

Whether you are doing an at-home workout or not wanting to leave your comfy corner at your local gym, this total body DB workout is sure to get the blood pumping. 

For this workout, it is best to have a pair of moderate/heavy Dumbbells and a pair of light Dumbbells. Grab a timer, you’ll need that too! 

Treat this as a circuit – try to get through 3 rounds of these exercises.

Plank Tuck + Bicep Curl – 40 seconds

Cardio, lower body and upper body…oh my. This move is a great way to get your whole body warmed up. 
Modification – Instead of jumping your legs out for the plank tuck simply walk your feet in and out.

Split Stance DB Row + Shoulder Press – 20 seconds each side

When performing this exercise – brace your core. Don’t use momentum to get the DB up. 
Modification – Go down on 1 knee instead of standing. 

Forward + Reverse Lunge – 20 seconds each side  

Keep this exercise low and quick
Modification – do this one with no weight!

Hip Bridge + DB Chest Press – 40 seconds

Hold that hip bridge and squeeze those glutes the whole time. (Don’t forget to brace the core, that’s important). 
Modification – bring up hips down in between reps of your chest press 

Lateral Sumo Walk + Jump – 40 seconds

Keep the legs wider than the hips, take small steps + don’t let the chest drop forward. 
Modification – do this one with no weight! 

Check out all the exercises here:

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