CBD Oil Review

key facts to know about CBD 

  • CBD will not get you high 
  • Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the components of Cannabis. 
  • Research has shown that CBD can help with inflammation and neuropathic pain 
  • There are 3 basic types of CBD 
    • Isolate – CBD in the purest form. It is isolated and contains no other components of the cannabis plant
    • Full Spectrum – CBD that is extracted from the plant along with many other compounds except for THC. This includes terpenes, essential oils, and other cannabinoids
    • Broad Spectrum – CBD that is extracted from the plant along with many other compounds including trace amounts of THC. Because it contains THC it can have intoxicating or sedative-effects. It may also flag drug tests because it contains THC. Different states have different laws regarding the use of broad spectrum CBD oils and products 

CbdMD Full spectrum 300 mg CBD oil 


  • THC Free
  • Easy to use. Can place under your tongue directly or into your tea/coffee, water or other beverages. 
  • Helps to alleviate minor stress and anxiety throughout the day 
  • Can help to calm at night for quality sleep 


  • Taste – taste is acquired, especially if placing directly under tongue 
  • Cost – If used twice daily, 1 oz bottle will last 2 weeks.  Price increases as mg (strength) increases – $30 for 300 mg, $70 for 750 mg, $100 for 1500) Price continues to increase as mg increases. 

You can purchase here 

You can use discount code CBDOILUSERS to receive 20% off your entire order 

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