Skin Care for the Active Lifestyle

While working out is important for our overall health and well-being, it can take an toll on our skin if we don’t care for it properly. The sweat, dirt and extra yuck we can pick up from the gym can cause skin irritation and breakouts. Our skin is our largest organ and it’s our first line of defense in our immune system so it is important to keep it healthy.

Here are some ways to help keep your skin refreshed and healthy.


Even with an early morning gym sesh, it is important to  wash your face before you workout. Eliminating and make-up or accumulated dirt before the workout can help reduce oil production. Our pores naturally open when we exercise (a way to help cool us down) which opens the door for any dirt left on our face to seep into our pores. 


Wash your face right after you workout and try to shower within 30 min to get rid of that  extra sweat, dirt and bacteria. Use a cleanser and toner that you trust to put the 1-2-punch on those clogged pores. 

Be Careful What you Touch at the Gym 

I think we can all understand that there is a lot of dirt and bacteria lurking in the gym. While we hope that the complimentary anti-bacterial wipes are being used, we can’t be too sure that all the yuckiness is getting cleaned up. Be mindful of all the weights, machines and mats that you are touching at the gym. Don’t touch your face with your hands! If you need to wipe the sweat after all your hard work, use a clean towel! Make sure you wash your hands as soon as you can after your sweat sesh. 

Know You Hair Products 

Some hair products use a lot of oils that are great for nourishing your hair but can be rough on pores. Try to avoid heavy oil products before workouts outs to reduce those breakouts around the hairline and forehead.

Drink Up

Post-workout hydration to replenish water loss is not only important for your muscles but also your skin. bMake sure you drink plenty of water and don’t skimp on your  moisturizer either.

It’s important to workout to help keep your health on point but don’t ignore the largest organ in  the body. 

Happy Sweating 

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