Equipment Everyone Should Own

Sometimes busy schedules can keep you from getting to the gym but that doesn’t have to keep you from an effective workout!

Whether you have a whole room to dedicate to your home-gym or a small corner, here are  6 essential items you should have to crush your at-home workouts. 

Stability Ball 

There are a variety of uses for stability balls, which make them the perfect addition to your home-gym.  While this is typically used for core stability exercises, uses can go beyond the core and be used for a total body workout! Pro tip: trade your home office chair for a stability ball to help improve your posture and core strength.

Need some inspo for a total body stability ball workout? Check this one out!

Suspension Training Straps 

In a garage, on a door, in a park, anywhere above the floor. These suspension straps can be taken just about anywhere and set up in the most creative spaces. All you need in an anchor point that is at least 7 feet off the ground and strong enough to support your body weight. Get creative and get a good sweat! These straps can be purchased for as low as $38. That’s a lot of versatility for a small price. 

Check out these moves that you can do with suspension training straps. 

Medicine Ball 

Med balls can come in different varieties and different weights. Hard shell med balls, soft shell and sand balls. There are different uses for these different styles of med balls but they all will help to add extra resistant to any exercise. 

Try these 7 exercises you can do with a med ball.

Resistance bands 

Portable, affordable and a multitude of uses. Resistance bands don’t get the recognition they deserve. Resistance bands come in a variety of shapes, sizes and thicknesses. Resistance bands can be used at any fitness level and help to utilize muscles during the eccentric (when the muscle lengthens) phase of exercises. Buying a variety pack of bands will allow you to progress to thicker bands just as you would progress to using heavier weights. Large loop resistance bands are great for tricep exercises, bicep curls, assisted pull ups and so much more. Mini bands are a great tool for targeting hips, glutes and cardio.

Buy your bands here:
Large loop resistance bands
Mini Bands 

Check out this mini band workout that you can do with limited room. 


You can step away from the cardio machine and still get your heart pumping while building strength. Kettlebells serve as the perfect piece of equipment to help you with that. Kettlebells can help to improve strength, power, stability and mobility. Kettlebell exercises help to improve functional strength by target muscles that you use in everyday tasks and activities. It is beneficial to have a variety of sizes of kettlebells. This adjustable kettlebell ranges from 5 lbs – 20 lbs.

Check out these 6 total body exercises using a kettlebell


No room for a full size weight rack? No worries, a small range of dumbbells can get the job done. Dumbbells are a staple in strength training. Using strength training can help to improve strength (obviously), improve overall stability, increase fat loss and improve heart health. If you are working out alone without a workout buddy dumbbells are a safer way to add weight to your workout routine. There are a wide range of exercise you can do with dumbbells, the possibilities are endless! Having access to a  light, medium and heavy set of dumbbells is a great way to spice up your at-home workouts. These dumbbells will help you get all those sizes in one. 

Check out these dumbbell only workouts:
Upper Body 
Lower Body

Go ahead and load up your amazon cart, clear a space in your living room, throw on your favorite playlist and get your sweat on in the comfort of your own home! 

Have you tried any of these at-home workouts? Join our community and let us know! 

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