What’s on Our Menu?

Do you eat the same thing every day or are you a fan of variety in your meals? 

No matter which way you prefer to fuel your body, we tend to always have those staple items in our routine and our “must-haves” we pick up on our grocery runs. 

We have compiled favorite go-to meals and snacks from the DST + E3 staff.


Kodiak Protein Waffles 

These protein waffles provide a convenient + quick breakfast for those on the run. These waffles contain 14g of protein which will help to keep you full and focused during the morning. Find them in a store near you.

Rachel’s Tip – pair with coffee for the perfect morning pick me up that will help you feeling full and satisfied. 

O’Dough Gluten Free Bagel Thins

Bagels can get a bad rep but these bagel thins are packed with healthy grains that help to keep you feeling fuller longer. (did we mention they are only 100 calories?!) You can pair it with your favorite spread or use them to construct a healthy breakfast sandwich. Find them in a store near you. 

Chelsea’s tip – Use them for a filing breakfast sandwich with egg whites, spinach, tomato avocado + topped with salsa. Pair with berries. 


The timeless and very versatile breakfast options. Eggs will likely never go out of style. They provide both protein and fats to help you rev up your metabolism in the morning.

Chelsea’s tip – Mini egg white omelette rounds that can be eaten alone or on a breakfast sandwich. Egg white, spinach, tomato, avocado. Use this tool to make the perfect omelette round.

Ryan’s tip – Eggs combined with onion, bell peppers and Serrano peppers. Top with Pace hot salsa and avocado.


The great thing about smoothies is that you can condense a lot of nutrients into a single drink. This is the perfect solution for those who find themselves lacking in the breakfast department because of hectic mornings. 

Ryan’s tip – Keep it simple: berries, protein powder, oats, nut butter + milk/milk alternative



Almonds are loaded with nutrients and antioxidants. They are helpful in controlling blood sugar as well. Be conscious of serving size when snacking on almonds because they are higher in overall calories. 

Almond butter paired with dark chocolate chips 
Sometimes that midday slump is  accompanied by a sweet tooth. Bypass all the empty calories in those sweets that are stacking up in the staff lounge and opt for this delicious duo. Both almonds and dark chocolate are high in antioxidants and provide healthy fats. Portion control is a key factor in enjoying this snack 

Chelsea’s tip – Pair the two together on an unsalted or lightly salted rice cake. This is the perfect midday treat and helps to kick the craving for sweets.

Low-sugar Greek Yogurt 

Greek yogurt provides good bacteria that is good for your gut health. The protein in greek yogurt also helps to keep you fuller longer between meals. 

Josh’s Tip –  Stick to low sugar options such as Dannon Light & Fit – Strawberry Cheesecake is Josh’s favorite! 

No Cow energy bar

These bars serve as a great alternative to your mid-day cup of coffee. These compact bars are packed with 14g of protein and are made with caffeine. Burst of energy, protein and a tasty treat…what more could you ask for in a snack? Purchase them here!

Beef Jerky 

Beef jerky is a convenient snack that is rich in protein. Keep one in your gym bag, car or purse just in case you need a quick burst of energy. 


Sweet Potatoes 

Sweet potatoes are a great source of fiber and various vitamins + minerals. Not to mention they are super versatile! Keeping sweet potatoes in the house will ensure that you always have healthy carb to turn to for your meals 

Rachel’s tip –  Sweet potato fries seasoned with garlic powder and paprika

Banza Chickpea Pasta 

This pasta alternative is gluten-free AND is packed with 13g of protein/ serving. This pasta is just as versatile as traditional pastas but with more nutritional benefits.  Find it in a store near you.

Rachel’s tip –  Pair with lean ground beef + season with olive oil and parsley

Chelsea’s tip – Use this pasta as a base for a buddha bowl. Load the bowl up with veggies, add some more protein if you’d like, add a tbsp of hummus and drizzle with your favorite dressing (balsamic vinaigrette adds great flavor).

“Gainz Goulash”

A staple for Josh, but we are sure you have (most) of the ingredients in your pantry to make this meal…
Whole wheat pasta, ground turkey (browned with olive oil, chopped onion + garlic), black beans, stewed tomatoes (can substitute Ro-Tel). Add chicken broth or Greek yogurt cream cheese for desired consistency

Foil Packet Meals

Foil packet meals are a quick and easy way to meal prep. Combine all your desired ingredients (including spices), wrap them in foil and toss on grill or in the oven. This is perfect for families who have different food preferences. Everyone can customize their own foil packet meal! 

Ryan’s tip – Combine sausage (or shrimp), asparagus, brussels sprouts, onions, bell peppers, carrots

Jasmine Rice

Jasmine rice is an affordable, versatile and filling carb that can be added to any meal. Jasmine rice has a low glycemic index. This means it has less of an impact on your blood sugar, gives you more energy and is better at controlling hunger.  


You get a lot of bang for your buck with lentils. They are high in protein, a good source of iron, high in magnesium, full of fiber, easy to prepare and versatile. 

Chelsea’s tip – Prepare with vegetable broth + season with cumin. Keep lentils on deck to add to salads, rice dishes, soups and stews.

The staples in your meals and snacks may change with the season or stay the same for years.

Are you going to try any of our go-tos? What are item you can always find in your pantry or fridge? LET US KNOW when you join OUR COMMUNITY.

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