6 Exercises, 2 Pieces of Equipment

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to collect all the weights, bands and medicine balls to use to get a total body workout.

Grab one Kettle Bell. a workout bench, box or stable chair and let’s tackle these 6 exercises for a total body workout.

Kettle Bell Swing

Kettle bell swings are a great way to get your heart rate up and it ‘s a great exercise that involves your core, hips and lats!

Recommended sets + reps:  
3×15-25 swings 

Kettle Bell Lateral Lunge

Lateral lunges definitely fire up the quadriceps and the adductor muscles but keeping good posture while holding the KB will also ignite many of your back muscles.

Recommended sets + reps:
3×8-10 each side 

Kettle Bell Upright Row

The deltoids and trapezius are the main players in this move but some smaller back muscles like rhomboids and teres minor are also involved.  

Recommended sets + reps:
3×8-12 reps

 Single Arm Kettle Bell Row

Talk about a good burn. This is a great exercise for all the muscles in your upper back and your core works too to make sure that you keep the correct form.

Recommended sets + reps:
3×8-10 each arm 

Decline Push-up

Push-ups are a classic move that can be incorporated in so many ways. Prop your feet up on a box or bench and add an extra challenge to your push-up. Still working on your form? Opt for a traditional push-up.

Recommended sets + reps:
3×6-10 push-ups

Plank + Kettle Bell Drag

Planks are a great exercise to spice up; in this variation a KB drag is added to incorporate the upper body a bit more. The key in this movement is to keep your hips stable. Resisting the rotation of your hips will take your plank to the next level.

Recommended sets + reps:
3×8-12 drags

Check out all the exercises here:

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