Equipment Everyone Should Own

Sometimes busy schedules can keep you from getting to the gym but that doesn’t have to keep you from an effective workout! Whether you have a whole room to dedicate to your home-gym or a small corner, here are 6 essential items you should have to crush your at-home workouts.

Target Heart Rate: 101

Have you ever wondered if you are doing too much or too little in your exercise regimen to reach your goal? Whether you are wanting to lose weight or must get the most out of your workouts, we will be breaking down heart rate, how to determine your target Heart rate, what it means for … Continue reading Target Heart Rate: 101

Exercise Types 101: Exercise Styles + Their Benefits

As Bernd Heinrich once said, “Movement is the essence of life.” There are so many different benefits that come along with staying active and moving your body. Movement doesn’t happen to be exercise, but exercise in itself has many benefits as well. We will be breaking down four popular exercise styles and the unique benefits … Continue reading Exercise Types 101: Exercise Styles + Their Benefits

6 Exercises, 2 Pieces of Equipment

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to collect all the weights, bands and medicine balls to use to get a total body workout. Grab one Kettle Bell. a workout bench, box or stable chair and let’s tackle these 6 exercises for a total body workout. Kettle Bell Swing Kettle bell swings are a great … Continue reading 6 Exercises, 2 Pieces of Equipment