Cease the Cycle: Tips on Ending the Weight-Loss Cycle and Reaching Your Health + Fitness Goals

Let’s see if you can relate to this cycle…

You set a new fitness or health goal, you start off strong, you start to see results (it’s exciting), you start to create habits, something comes up unexpectedly (travels, busy schedule ramps up, etc.), the good habits you formed get pushed to the back burner, you fall off, you start back at square one.

Unfortunately, this vicious cycle is a reality for many people trying to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

So why does this happen for so many people? How can we stop this cycle?

Let’s hit on the 3 main reasons that people typically find it hard to reach their health and fitness goals and how we can combat them.

Small Bumps Cause People to Fall Off the Wagon

You go on vacation, you have a bad day or week at work, the Holidays happen (basically 2.5 months’ worth of yummy treats), celebrations happen (hello birthday cake + celebratory wedding toasts) and before you know it all these small little road bumps build up and completely tip your wagon.

What if I told you that these bumps don’t have to throw you off track? When setting your health and fitness goals it’s important to be realistic. LIFE HAPPENS and many times you have to adjust your goals when life throws you a curveball. Being healthy does not mean that you work out every single day, eat perfectly and don’t hit bumps in the road. Being healthy is a result of many different factors including mental, physical and emotional well-being.

When you set a goal, look at the big picture. What are some realistic + sustainable changes you can make to your everyday life to get you one step closer to improving your overall health? Allow these changes to have wiggle room so you can adapt them to whatever life throws your way.

Food Becomes the Vice

Food choices and nutrition are a tricky subject. Many times, we aren’t honest with ourselves about our nutrition habits and what changes we need to make. There are many people who follow popular diets trends (no shame about that) but without the guidelines of said diet many people struggle knowing how to make mindful healthy food choices.

We need food to survive, we are constantly surrounded by food, it’s not something that can be avoided. Food is important, but it is certainly not a moral compass. Sure, there may be foods that give you more nutrients than others and foods that may work better for you than others, but food is not inherently good or bad. Seeing food in that way will cause individuals to form a negative relationship with food. Instead, be mindful of what you eat, how it makes you feel and adjust from there. Trust me, there is no magic formula of foods to eat to make you healthy.

Lack of Accountability

We are not expected to go through our entire life  by ourselves, so we shouldn’t be expected to go through our journey to a healthy lifestyle by ourselves. Who you surround yourself with is very powerful.

Being surrounded by like-minded people can help give the support needed to reach your goals. Form an accountability group among your friends, family or co-workers. You can hold each other accountable for making progress towards a healthy lifestyle. If you are looking for a community that will give you support and encouragement throughout your journey join our E3 Community.

Bottom line, being healthy is not equivalent to perfection. Your physical, mental and emotional well-being all work together to make you your healthiest and happiest self.

E3 has created a Free 5-day Think Fit Challenge to help individuals really think about what a healthy lifestyle means to them. It begins Monday, October 29th!

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Think Fit Free Five Day Challenge

Are you ready to take the reins on achieving a sustainable + healthy lifestyle? It’s not too late to join our challenge starting October 29th, 2018!

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