Controlling Appetite + Hunger

It’s tricky because our appetite can be triggered by several things. Our blood sugar levels and ghrelin (the hormone that stimulates hunger) levels are major biological triggers for our hunger levels. However, there is a huge side of hunger we tend to ignore...the psychology behind hunger.

TLC For Your Joints

The most important thing to know about joints is that they are essential for movement and they need a little extra TLC because of all the stress we put them under with physical activity.

Train Pain Free

Exercises will often put our bodies in vulnerable positions. We have to first prepare our bodies by making sure that we have the strength and mobility to properly perform these exercises.

Spark Your Motivation

Summer is making its way out but it doesn’t have to take your motivation with it. For many, it is hard to stay consistent with fitness goals during the summer months. Family trips, weekends at the beach and inconsistent routines can make it challenging for even the most motivated gym-goers.

Marketing In The Supermarket

In my opinion, one of the biggest threats to our dietary endeavors is the presentation of our product choices -- how our options are marketed to us as consumers.