Meal Prep Survival Guide

Meal prep is a great way to prepare for a busy week ahead and stay on track with healthy eating, but it can seem overwhelming when starting out. Where do you even begin? What tools do you need? How do you keep your meals fresh?

Traveling 101: Staying Active

(Chelsea Bellinger) Do you enjoy staying active while traveling? One of my favorite things about traveling is immersing myself wherever I go. Yes, sometimes it’s fun to be a tourist and scope out the “must-sees” in an area but truly seeing how a community thrives, local restaurants and businesses operate and how the individuals interact … Continue reading Traveling 101: Staying Active

Dos and Don’ts of Probiotic Supplementation

Probiotics are all the rave right now. From pills, powder and liquids, there are so many probiotic supplements out on the market. But what should you be looking for in a probiotic and how much of this supplementation do you need? We will be breaking down the dos and don’ts of probiotic supplementation. First off, … Continue reading Dos and Don’ts of Probiotic Supplementation

5 Stretches For Your Nightly Routine

I think we can all agree that sleep is extremely important for our health and quality of life, but sometimes it is challenging to get quality sleep.  Taking time to stretch each night may help alleviate some of the restlessness that you feel when it’s time to hit the hay. We are going to take … Continue reading 5 Stretches For Your Nightly Routine